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Music Video Distribution

Ever thought to yourself that it would be nice if you could get paid from YouTube hits?  Well now you can.

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Distribution to YouTube, iTunes, Hulu, AOL and more.


​Price: $70 ($50 when added to to the Single or Premier Packages)

60% Payout Quarterly Pay


Video ​Delivery Requirements

As a vendor to the world’s top video outlets, we are required to ensure the highest possible video quality using professional post-production practices. Adhering to the following specifications will ensure your videos do not fail quality control or delay your release. These requirements are designed around our retail partners’ very strict standards. ​


Format Options

• APPLE PRO RES 422 (HQ) video file in .MOV container (preferred); or

• 8/10-BIT UNCOMPRESSED video file in .MOV container; or

• AVID DNxHD video file in .MOV container; or


Asset Requirements

• Original/master resolution, frame rate and interlacing cadence.

• Cannot be up-converted from compressed media (e.g. H.264, MP4, DV, MPG, WMV).

• Cannot derive from DVD’s, miniDV’s or other consumer-grade masters.

• Must have “frame independence” – no frame blending or duplicate frames, often caused byNTSC-PAL or PAL-NTSC conversions,

   editing 24 fps video in a 30 fps edit timeline, deinterlacing 24P footage containing a telecine cadence, or by mixing frame rates.

• No credits, titles and/or chyron (these should be supplied separately in metadata).

• Must contain at least one frame of black at the beginning and end and no more than 1 second.

• No watermarks, bugs, DVD logos, promotional intros, release dates,websites, color bars, title cards, slates or countdowns.


For Video Files Only

​• Exported from edit timeline or captured directly to this format from the uncompressed master (cannot do through Firewire).

• Audio should be in PCM format, 48.000 kHz, 16-bit and properly tagged in stereo.

• If shot in 24P, video should arrive in 23.98 or 24 fps progressive (no interlaced frames).

• For reference, typical file sizes for music videos range from about 1.2GB to 10GB.


For Tapes Only

• If edited in HD, must be delivered as video file.

• Beta SP (analog) is acceptable only if it is a master and not a duplicate, and if no Digital Beta version is available.

• More than one video per tape is acceptable only if the tape’s case is clearly labeled with each video’s details and start time.


Common Reasons for Quality Control Rejection

• The video is de-interlaced, and therefore pixels are visible on diagonals.

• The video has duplicate or merged frames.

• The video is cropped, less than 720 pixels wide or contains black pillars (curtains).

• The video has artifacts, glitches, dropped frames or audio clicks, pops or outages.

• The video shows signs of compression, arrives on video DVD or in a compressed codec like DV, MP4 or H.264.

• The audio is mono.

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